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In the Zeta river valley, as a jewel lit by sunny peaks of the nearby mountains, it is situated Niksic – the second largest city in Montenegro. That is a city of rich history and great soul perfect for family and friendships. Nikšić is also known for its hospitality which still adorns it. There are numerous picnic sites including Trebjesa that complete the whole experience of Niksic.

Park-forest Trebjesa for Niksic is more than just a hill overgrown with conifer trees. It is a paradise for lovers, a path of health for athletes and sportsmen, place for idlers, "town lungs" for those eager of clean air.

There is the same hotel at the top of the hill, one of the Niksic symbols, which beside catering services has gazebo that offers beautiful views on the town. It was built and opened in the seventies of the last century and it is a work of famous architect Slobodan Vukajlovic. In the beginning it was called "Hawk" because its appearance symbolizes a bird with spread wings. About its beauty tells also the historic fact that the Italian industrialist Guiseppe Kalabreze after his first visit to motel wished that the same object decorates Italian coast. And this is how Slobodan Vukajlovic designed Grotta Regina (Queen of caves) in Tora a Mare, near Bari.

With renovation, once the most beautiful object got new glow. Thanks to the company "Helada Mont" , hotel Trebjesa again became an ideal place for vacation, good coffee, rich cuisine and restful sleep. Hotel interior is completely renovated and categorized with four stars. "Trebjesa" has lounge bar, restaurant with very rich menu of Mediterranean and national cuisine, two terraces and eight accommodating units with 14 beds. For hotel visitors there is well organized parking space with good lighting There is beautifully arranged park near hotel that will be completed in the future with tennis courts and playground for children.

Besides various and excellent offers in hotel, you will also be pleased with our stuff – team whose creativity guarantees combination of experience, youth, knowledge, expertise. This special ambience which is typical only for mountain hotels, very good object and service will be attainable to everyone with affordable prices.

Niksic "Hawk" will be in the offer of National tourist organisation and similar organisations from all region.

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